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We develop, re-brand and distribute powerful Windows software solutions.

We know that in these times you have many choices of similar products that will do, more or less, the same thing but \'Code-it Software\' has separated itself from the over-abundance of \'look a like\' products, \'me too\' services, and \'canned\' support.

How so? The combination, of the below facts, place us, and our family of users, at a different place then the rest of the pack::

* all our software is 100% FREE of adware or spyware: we don\'t send you newsletters (spam?) trying to sell you other products or services.

* one time registration fee of our software: version updates are always FREE here at Code-it!

* receive full version download of registered software: no \'machine specific\' unlock key-codes

* license (EULA) to install on as many personal systems as desired

* fast support directly from the developer - not from someone that doesn\'t fully understand the software\'s source code.

* we offer most all our developed software to be \'re-branded\': this is the next best thing of being \'open source\' software.

We invite you to explore how our products, support and policies stand out from the rest.